About Us

My husband, Rob, and I make up Vis Photography. We love living life together, and we love working together too! I do all the talking, and he’s my quiet secret weapon. We’re so blessed to be able to create art, meet wonderful people, and capture those “stop and smell the roses” kind of moments.

I really do think that the art of photography is a lot about stopping to smell the roses. Life is so busy and chaotic sometimes that it takes the stillness of a photo to remind us what’s worth stopping for. Even a wedding day can fly by before the bride and groom realizes the beauty of what they just experienced. It’s the photo of that first glance or embarrassing moment that can reveal the eternal significance hiding behind the fleeting seconds.

Rob and I met in the third grade and have been inseparable since the ninth grade – you can ask him about the mysterious gap in years. We were married the day before I graduated from college. Since then we’ve enjoyed and tolerated many adventures, discovered our love for photography, had three sweet babies, opened our hearts wider to the world, and we are blessed to continue living day after precious day. We can’t wait to meet you and share a bit of life with you!

— Love Leah Vis